Yazhuo Zhang


400 Dowman Drive, W302

Atlanta, Georgia, 30322


I am a 4th year Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department at Emory University where I am fortunate to work with Dr.Ymir Vigfusson as part of the SimBioSys Lab.

My research interest is broadly on storage systems, cloud systems, and data-center applications, with the overarching goal of enhancing the efficiency and optimization of large-scale distributed systems.

Understanding the performance of complex distributed systems poses a formidable challenge in the face of today’s technological intricacies. My dual strategy to enhance distributed systems’ performance involves developing meaningful abstractions for system behavior and employing data-driven techniques for optimization, thereby contributing to large-scale systems’ efficiency and effectiveness.

Previously, I was fortunate to work with Yao Yue and Rebecca Isaacs at Twitter on performance measurement, Rashmi Vinayak at CMU on web caches. Besides, I’m also colloborating with Irfan Ahmad at Magnition on content delivery networks.


Sep 2023 Our paper “LatenSeer: Causal Modeling of End-to-End Latency Distribution by Harnessing Distributed Tracing” was accepted to SoCC’23.
Jul 2023 Our paper “SIEVE: Simple and Efficient Eviction Policy for Turn-key Web Cache Replacement” was accepted to NSDI’24.
Jul 2023 Our paper “FIFO queues are all you need for cache eviction” was accepted to SOSP’23.
Apr 2023 A collaboration on “FIFO can be Better than LRU: the Power of Lazy Promotion and Quick Demotion” accepted to HotOSXIX.
Apr 2022 Becoming PhD Candidate!